We are the Senior students at Cabrini University who created this capstone project on Title IX.
- Communication Department Seniors
Cabrini University

Ethan Baker

Major | Digital Communication & Social Media

Ethan Baker will graduate in May 2024 from Cabrini University with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and Social Media and a Spanish Language Certificate. 

During Ethan’s time at Cabrini, he became heavily involved in the theater department, performing in a myriad of musicals, plays, cabarets, and more. Ethan also placed second in the Philip M. Cook One-Act Play Festival for his play, I Love You, But. In Cabrini’s Communication Department, Ethan served as a staff writer for Cabrini’s award-winning, student-run newspaper, Loquitur. He also gained a passion for video and social media content creation. As a part of Social Nexus, Cabrini’s student-led social media agency, he worked with clients like the Cabrini Cupboard and The Children’s School of Cabrini to grow their social media engagement and following. With the Social Nexus team, Ethan also assisted in running a social media campaign for the Cabrini Cupboard which focused on the issues of food waste on college campuses. Ethan serves as the weekly on-air talent for “This Week at Cabrini” as a part of Cabrini’s student-led video production house, House 67 Productions

Outside of the Communication Department, Ethan served as a resident assistant for two years in first-year residence halls and assisted in training new RAs for the 2023-2024 year. Ethan’s experiences developed his interviewing, filming, and audio recording skills. Most notably, his work in his video production courses prepared him technically to record his audio portion of the project for this website and assist in interviewing and filming for the video and text portions of his groupmates’ projects.

Ethan’s passion for gender expression in Title IX was sparked by his own experiences in school. His high school was very inclusive and provided many opportunities for him and his classmates to express themselves. Ethan found the difference in gender expression in education across different states to be fascinating, provoking Ethan to further research this topic. 

After graduation, Ethan will become the director at a summer camp in his hometown for the summer and has the goal of working in social media management and content creation. Ethan plans to develop his skills by continuing to freelance for friends and family members. Check out his LinkedIn profile.


Micah Balobalo

Major | Digital Communication & Social Media

Micah will graduate from Cabrini University in May of 2024 with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and Social Media. 

Micah was a third-year transfer student who graduated from the Community College of Philadelphia with an associates degree in Digital Video Production. At Cabrini, Micah has written 11 articles for the award-winning, student-run newspaper, The Loquitur, and participated in the student-managed video production agency, House 67 productions. Micah has earned President’s List and Dean’s List recognition for her academic achievements at Cabrini where she was also named a Hamilton Scholar student. Her hard work also earned her an induction into The National Society of Leadership and Success honor society and the Delta Epsilon Sigma honor society. 

Dedication, leadership, motivation, and communication has helped Micah strengthen her skills in content creation, digital marketing, and multimedia. Micah prides herself on being able to deliver and market a message with her multimedia skills. Her most prized work was a perspectives article that made it to both the print and online newspaper and a multimedia piece produced in her Multimedia Story Creation class that was published in the Loquitur. The article and multimedia piece discuss the impact of the future 76ers stadium on Asian culture in Philadelphia. 

On this website, Micah focused on the mishandled cases of sexual assault in the K-12 environment. Being a family-oriented person and having a family filled with many children, Micah was drawn to this topic. This project mixed her passion, love and care for her family with her passion for researching, educating and creating content to advocate, educate, and make a difference in a world that is continuously changing. After graduation, Micah hopes to pursue her love of video production/creating content that will help make a difference in the world or step into the digital marketing and social media field. To learn more or connect with Micah, please check out her digital portfolio on WordPress and visit her LinkedIn page.

Paige Bowman

Major | Communication

Paige will graduate from Cabrini University in December 2023 with a bachelor's degree in Communication and a minor in Leadership.

As a student, Paige has been a four-year member of the Cabrini women’s soccer team. For two of those years, she has run Cabrini women’s soccer’s social media pages. She has also served as the Managing Editor of the award-winning, student-run newspaper, Loquitur, for the 2023 school year. With the Loquitur, Paige won a national Pinnacle Award, earning first place honors for Best Column for her story focused on why LGBTQ+ representation matters in college sports. Paige has also been a member of The Hidden Opponent, a mental health organization at Cabrini. 

In her senior year, Paige had the opportunity to be Atlantic East Conference’s intern for the 2023 school year. Here she worked closely with the conference commissioner. She also wrote game stories, student monthly features, and created graphics for the AEC. 

On this website, Paige focused on gender expression in K-12 schools and how it relates to Title IX. She led the creation of the text asset for her team. This effort combined her passion for writing and telling stories that matter. Her favorite part about journalism is being able to share stories that aren’t typically told and bringing important issues to light. After graduation, Paige plans to pursue a career in communications. To learn more about Paige, connect with her on LinkedIn or view her WordPress portfolio site.


Isaiah Dickson

Major | Digital Communication & Social Media

Isaiah Dickson will graduate from Cabrini University in May of 2024 with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication & Social Media. 

During his time at Cabrini, Isaiah participated in the institution’s New Student Orientation twice, once as an Orientation Leader and another as a Lead Orientation Leader. He has also taken on leadership roles in the Communication Department’s student-run media agencies. These include serving as the Perspectives Editor for Cabrini’s award-winning newspaper, Loquitur, and acting as the Assistant Operations Manager for Cabrini’s FM-turned-Internet-streaming radio station, Cavalier Radio. Isaiah is also one of the founding members and leaders in Cabrini’s video production group, House 67 Productions.

Isaiah is a recipient of the Jerry Zurek Communication for the Common Good Scholarship and the Phil Cook Playwright Award. He is also an inducted member of Cabrini’s chapter of the Society of Collegiate Journalists. On campus, Isaiah has assisted in producing the Communication Department’s Ask Me Anything open house event streamed live on YouTube, as well as the 2022 Troy Vincent Domestic Violence Education Symposium. Outside of Cabrini, Isaiah has worked with QVC as their videography intern, ESPN as a parab operator, and Fly Legacy Aviation as a video producer. 

The topic of sexual assault on college campuses is one that drew Isaiah in because of how underrepresented the voices of survivors are and how little options there are for them to receive the support they need. After graduation, Isaiah plans to pursue a career in video, television, or film production. You can contact Isaiah on LinkedIn and view his portfolio website to see his work.

Samuel Kirk

Major | Digital Communication & Social Media

Samuel Kirk will graduate from Cabrini University in May 2024 with a bachelor's degree in Digital Communication and Social Media.  

In the Communication Department at Cabrini, Sam has been involved in multiple student-run media agencies. These agencies include the award-winning newspaper, Loquitur, House 67 Productions, and has received Dean’s List while managing his time as a student athlete for Cabrini’s Men’s Lacrosse team. He has been a three-year starter for the Cavaliers and has been voted team captain by his fellow teammates and coaches for the upcoming 2024 season set to start in January. 

Sam is a  dedicated, hardworking, fast-learning, and detail-focused student who is passionate about the work he puts out. He has created media using the Adobe Creative Cloud applications of Photoshop and Illustrator. He is proficient in Premiere Pro. Sam also possesses expertise in WordPress and Microsoft Office Suite. 

Sam found his passion for digital marketing while serving as a member of a semester-long project team to develop an integrated marketing communication plan for the League of Women Voters of Central Delaware County. This then led Sam to join the campus’ Marketing Club where he was voted President-Elect shortly after. 

For this website development project in his senior capstone course in the Communication Department, Sam and two group members chose to highlight the inequalities of Title IX, specifically in sports. They were drawn to this topic because they realized that Title IX is still not living up to the promises it once made.  

Upon graduation, Sam plans to go into digital marketing because that is what he is passionate about. To contact Sam, reach out to him on LinkedIn at “Samuel Kirk.”

Sam K

Siani Nunez

Major | Digital Communication & Social Media

Siani Nunez is a Web Performance Strategist at Stream Companies and a soon-to-be graduate of Cabrini University in December 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and Social Media. 

She is a bilingual communicator with expertise in writing for the web. At Cabrini, Siani worked on the award-winning, student-run newspaper Loquitur where she published seven stories in print and digital outlets and interviewed prominent sources for news, lifestyles, and perspective stories. As an SEO intern at Stream Companies, Siani enhanced over 15 Google Business profiles by applying UTM tracking URLs, as well as incorporating compelling strategic posts leading to increased online visibility and customer engagement. 

In 2020, she received an Academic Excellence Award from Cabrini University, which is given to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance and a commitment to excellence. Siani is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success and the recipient of several Dean’s Scholarships throughout her collegiate career. 

On this website, Siani told the story of the systemic challenges faced by K-12 students reporting sexual assault cases in her commitment to social justice. Outside of her professional endeavors, she finds joy in learning Korean, exploring hiking trails, and experimenting with new recipes. To learn more about Siani, connect with her on LinkedIn.

Hannah Poggi

Major | Digital Communication & Social Media

Hannah Poggi will be graduating from Cabrini University in May 2024 with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication & Social Media.

In her time at Cabrini, Hannah has been a leader and key contributor to a number of student-run organizations on campus, such as Cavalier Radio, Loquitur, and House 67 Productions. She has hosted her show, “The 411,” for Cavalier Radio for three years, as well as served as the radio station’s Social Media Director for two consecutive years. Hannah and her executive staff members produced their first podcast series, “Carrier to Current: The History of Cabrini Radio,” which won a Silver Davey Award in 2023. Spending two years with the Loquitur, she wrote stories, and was the editor for the Lifestyles section of the newspaper. At House 67, Hannah was on-camera talent for segments, interviews, and more.

In addition, Hannah took pride in her academics and was on the President’s and Dean’s List for three years. Her love for reporting and writing led her to produce such high-quality work that she was awarded the honor of being inducted into the Society for Collegiate Journalists, where she serves as a leader.

In the story she’s telling on this website about Title IX in sports, Hannah demonstrates her commitment to  equality for female athletes and their need to access  opportunities in athletics. Being surrounded by friends who participate in sports at the college-level, Hannah was interested in diving deeper into the disparities they were experiencing in their own lives. During her interviewing process, Hannah got to hear from her life-long friend and D2 Lacrosse athlete at Lock Haven University, Dana Mirigliano, and it opened her eyes that this occurs in schools and to people she wouldn’t expect.

Hannah aspires to pursue a career in broadcast journalism and looks forward to continuing to investigate and report on news. To learn more about Hannah, visit her LinkedIn profile.


Ayanna Riley

Major | Digital Communication & Social Media

Ayanna Riley is a senior studying Digital Communication and Social Media at Cabrini University. 

Throughout her time at Cabrini, Ayanna has actively engaged in crafting skills in video production and editing, contributing significantly as a video editor for Wickline Casting during an internship during the summer of 2022. 

Her competencies encompass video production, freelance writing, filmmaking, and mastery of applications like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and Davinci Resolve. Ayanna's passion for storytelling led her to spotlight the issue of sexual assault on college campuses. Her decision was rooted in the profound underrepresentation of untold stories and the erasure of sexual assault history.

After graduation, Ayanna aims to pursue a full-time career in independent filmmaking. Connect with Ayanna through LinkedIn and view her works on her WordPress site. 

Andrew Stovenour

Major | Digital Communication & Social Media

Andrew is a senior at Cabrini University who will be graduating in May 2024 with a bachelor's degree in Digital Communication and Social Media. 

At Cabrini, Andrew has served on many of the department's student-run media agencies, including House 67 Productions and the Loquitur. While with House 67, the film production house on campus, Andrew worked in studio crew roles, including as a camera operator and floor manager. He also served in leadership roles as a technical director and program director. While a member of the Loquitur, Cabrini’s award-winning, student-run newspaper on campus, Andrew was the multimedia and visuals editor. He was also a reporter and created many multimedia projects, some that have been featured in competitions. 

During his time at Cabrini, Andrew has excelled in many classes, which have taught him how to tell stories in a meaningful way. These classes include Multimedia Story Creation, Video Production, and Senior Convergence: Media for Social Justice. Andrew’s passion is video editing and film production, as well as video creation. 

For this website, Andrew created a video showing how K-12 schools that fail to appropriately resource and enact Title IX policies can significantly affect those involved. Along with his teammates, Andrew also showcased organizations that specialize in implementing Title IX policies effectively in K-12 schools.

After college, Andrew hopes to work in the creative field, ideally working with live studio production, as well as post-production video editing. To learn more about Andrew, connect with him on LinkedIn.

Sam T

Samantha Taddei

Major | Digital Communication & Social Media

Samantha Taddei will graduate from Cabrini University in May 2024 with a bachelor's degree in Digital Communication and Social Media and a minor in Leadership studies.  

Sam has been a member of the Cabrini softball team for the last four years. On top of being a student athlete, Sam has been a reporter and writer for the university’s award-winning, student-run newspaper, Loquitur, for the last two years and has been promoted to sports editor for the 2023 school year.  During her time at the Loquitur, Sam helped win a national Pinnacle Award for best web sports section, honorable mention for best sports game story, and 1st place for best newspaper website of the year. 

Sam's passion for video production was channeled into her documentary, "War At Mind," which earned her an honorable mention at the International Old Films Festival. Her work was also recognized twice by the First Time Filmmaker Sessions and the International Student Documentary Festival, showcasing her storytelling abilities and visual acumen.

Outside of her academic and athletic pursuits, Sam has explored various facets of communication and media. She served as a social media intern at JZT Dance studio, demonstrating her ability to merge her academic knowledge with practical experience in a professional setting. Additionally, Sam showcased her on-air talent as a contributor to House 67 Productions for two years, further expanding her skill set in the dynamic field of media production.

Sam directed her efforts on this website toward examining gender expression in K-12 schools and its intersection with Title IX. She specifically took charge of the video asset for her team, skillfully merging her love for video production with her dedication to narrating meaningful stories. As a communication major, Sam’s passion stems from the ability to share narratives that often remain untold, utilizing her work to bring crucial issues to light.

Sonny Terranova

Major | Digital Communication & Social Media

Sonny Terranova will graduate from Cabrini University in May 2024 with a bachelor's degree in Digital Communication and Social Media and a minor in Sports Communication. 

Throughout his time at Cabrini, Sonny was involved in two of the Communication Department’s student-run media agencies. These included, Loquitur, where Sonny served as the Sports Editor and oversaw the sports section of this award-winning newspaper. He also held leadership positions for Cavalier Radio, serving as Music Director, where he incorporated music to be played on air, and also as Operations Manager, where he oversaw the operations of Cavalier Radio. 

Sonny has earned Dean’s List honors multiple times throughout his time at Cabrini University. He was also inducted into the NSLS (National Society of Leadership & Success) where he learned about ways to be a leader and worked with others to discuss how to do so. He has earned multiple achievements during his time at Cabrini, including receiving a 2023 Silver Davey Award in the Podcast Series: Limited or Mini Series category for Carrier to Current: The History of Cabrini Radio, 1st place for Division III Newspaper Website of the Year with The Loquitur staff, and Honorable Mention for Best Web Sports Section for Divisions II & III when he was on The Loquitur staff. Sonny possesses skills in audio editing, leadership, communication, and writing. 

For this website, Sonny focused on equality in athletic programs for women across colleges and universities. He was drawn to this story based on his interest in the athletics aspect of Title IX. To learn more about Sonny and his work, visit his LinkedIn, WordPress website, and SoundCloud.


Thomas Vaughan

Major | Digital Communication & Social Media

Thomas Vaughan will graduate from Cabrini University in May of 2024 with a bachelor's degree in Digital Communication and Social Media.

During his time in the Communication Department, Tommy took his love for writing and served as a journalist for the university's award-winning, student-run newspaper, Loquitur, where he had many articles published about Philadelphia and Cabrini sports. In addition to writing, Tommy has constantly had a camera in his hand to capture moments on- and off-campus and has developed video editing skills using Adobe Premiere. He has also created advertisements for Cabrini events using social media tactics. 

Tommy has become a committed and passionate student in the classroom while managing his time as a student athlete. Tommy has been a three-year starter for the Cabrini Men's Lacrosse team, which won a Division III national championship in 2019. Tommy has received multiple awards on the field, including being named to the Atlantic East Conference first team as a sophomore and second team as a junior. He will play his senior season this spring. 

For this website, Tommy was drawn to the topic of underreported sexual assault cases due to years of witnessing victims being assaulted without justice or relief. He wanted to take a stand and strive to make a difference for survivors. He and two groups members chose to highlight the quiet stigma of underreported sexual assault and got the chance to speak to sexual assault survivors, resource center project directors, and Title IX coordinators to create media for this senior capstone project. After graduation, Tommy plans to go into digital advertising or marketing and continue using the knowledge and skills he developed during his time at Cabrini. To contact Tommy, visit him on LinkedIn.

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